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"It's not about being good at something, it's about being good to yourself"   ~Unknown~

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About Us

Soul Space is located in Dowerglen, Edenvale just off Linksfield Road.

We are a quaint studio created for the purpose of sharing the healing power of yoga with our community.


Soul Space provides a space where students can venture on a journey of self-discovery as they connect with their truest self through the physical and mental practice of yoga. We also offer workshops, retreats and studio rental.


We offer a variety of classes ranging from restorative, low intensity classes, to more energising and challenging practices. We are a space that focuses on healing mind, body and soul by providing a safe environment to explore the most vulnerable areas of the self.

Meet Our Teachers


Sabrina Del Sette

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Sabrina believes that yoga is truly an art form which breathes prana or life force into the authentic essence of the self on every level, from the physical to the spiritual. Seventeen years ago, Sabrina found yoga when it helped her through her chronic and incurable auto-immune disease, and this is where her magical journey began. After her very first yoga class, she felt like she had found 'home'. Sabrina completed her two year instructor's training course with the Young Yoga Institute in 2004, and has instructed students of all ages and abilities over the years.  Her ‘style’ can be loosely defined as Hatha, although she also incorporates elements from various disciplines like Iyengar, Vinyasa, Kundalini and others. Sabrina is strongly drawn to the use of the external body as a tool to explore and discover self awareness, healing, expression, creativity, limitations and growth.


Siya Stone

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Siya's relationship with yoga started at the end of 2014 when she fell in love with the practice.  She promised herself on that day, that she would share her love and passion for the practice with as many people as possible.  Siya is a firm favourite on our list of teachers and brings an excitement and passion to her classes that our soul space yogis love. Siya offers classes in Vinyasa, Hatha and African Kemetic styles and brings much joy to the mat during her classes.


Lauren Graham

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Lauren is the owner and co-founder of Soul Space yoga studio and was introduced to yoga during a chance gym class in 2010. She immediately fell in love with the practice primarily because it fundamentally shifted her relationship with  her body. In a society in which there is so much pressure on women to have the “perfect” shape yoga taught Lauren how amazing her body is and what it can do, no matter what shape it is in. She further felt the benefits of yoga when she took prenatal yoga classes during her pregnancy in 2013. Each phase of her journey with yoga has led her to a deeper appreciation of the soul, body, mind, earth connection. She undertook her 200 hour teacher training in 2015 as an apprentice under the mentorship of Stamena Dimitrova, and since then has sought to share the joy of yoga with as many people as possible, primarily through the space that is Soul Space.


Vera Brown

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Vera's fitness journey as a certified Pilates instructor began in 2010, shortly after completing an internationally accredited program in exercise science; four years later she found yoga, and thats when the time felt right to turn her passion for a healthy and active lifestyle into a career. She spent three additional years studying advanced anatomy, yoga philosphy, reiki, meditation and breathing techniques as well as the Chakra system while teaching both yoga and pilates at local sudios. Vera believes in movement as the ultimate manifestation of creativity; to flow is to feel and in her practice she remains curious and experimental. Yoga is an art, a powerful discipline capable of turning the human body into a beautiful vehicle of expression that leads us into the depths of our emotions and spiritual dimension. Both on and off the mat, Vera encourages her students to reclaim their inner freedom through an honest exploration of their full potentials; she believes that our strongest weapon against self-doubt is indeed the power of an unrestricted, inquisitive mind.


Steph Smith

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Steph has been teaching Yin yoga exclusively for the past 5 years. She completed her Hatha yoga teacher training in 2008 for her own growth where she found her love and passion for all forms of yoga and meditation. The training increased her depth of knowledge and understanding of herself and introduced a calm and centering retreat into her busy world. In 2017, Steph completed a 16 hour yin yoga workshop which lit the fire for her to start teaching. She saw the depth and wisdom of this ancient chinese modality. What made her passionate about teaching this practice were two aspects: The quiet meditative and introspective practice calming and soothing the nervous system. The fact that it targets the tissues not targeted in any other practice - yoga or other. She sees the value and great need to offer practitioners an opportunity to balance their Yang practice with Yin. In 2018 Steph attended Josh Summer's 50 hour Yin Yoga teachers training in the USA to obtain a more thorough foundational knowledge to bolster her Yin teachings. It is seeing the benefits bloom in her regular practitioners that further motivates her to continue teaching this modality.

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