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About Us

Soul Space was started in 2019 as a yoga studio and has evolved to become a collaborative space and soulful community of people who are committed to practices that promote physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing, and who are keen to journey deeper into understanding themselves and to live a life that is full of meaning, purpose and joy.

We offer a range of classes including yoga, meditation and breathwork; as well as different events and workshops, all of which are intended to provide you with the tools to live more consciously and with more joy, as well as to meet others on the same journey. 

Meditation Group

My Story


I am Lauren. I am really passionate about walking alongside people as they discover their inner authority and purpose, which stems from a deep connection to unconditional love. I have many strings to my bow. I have a strong rational and logical side, which has resulted in me leading a research centre focused on social development issues at the University of Johannesburg – a job I still absolutely love. I also have a deep, spiritual side and have, since my teenage years, felt called to serve as a spiritual leader or guide. At 18 years I became a local preacher in the Methodist Church, where I also led youth groups and taught confirmation and Children’s church classes. I even considered becoming a full-time, ordained minister in the church. Thankfully I didn’t follow that path (more about that in the next newsletter). I also discovered yoga; a practice that helped me to learn to love and enjoy my body and what it could do, and in so doing, led me to learn about a new spiritual practice (my body is literally a temple).

I became really passionate about sharing my love of yoga with others. That’s why I undertook my 200 hour yoga teacher training certification with Stamena Dimitrova in 2014, and it’s why I started Soul Space as a yoga studio almost six years ago. Since then, my spiritual journey has been focused on embracing feminine wisdom, including the power of cyclical living and the importance of women connecting with women. I undertook my Red Tent Facilitator training with SHE Academy (J’anaki Ashira) in 2021 and am currently doing a feminine, cyclical business coaching mentorship programme. I have come to call myself an Anam Cara - it’s a celtic word meaning spiritual friend or guide. I don’t have any authority to lead people in their spiritual journeys; but I hope I can walk alongside and guide many people as they follow their own spiritual journey.


I am really excited to curate, lead and build a space and a community of people who are committed to their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and spiritual growth. 


Meet The Team

From left top: Lauren Graham (@laureng1980), Carol-Lee Alberts (@carol_lee.alberts) and Stacy Allan.

From left bottom: Sabrina del Sette (@savinesacredspirit), Louise Colborne Abrahams (@inwards_wellness) and Carmel Herman (@carmicharmz).

Missing from this picture are Alexia Capazario and Tamryn Young (@soundofgongs).

Contact Us

60 Milford Avenue, Dowerglen Edenvale

+27 82 315 9834

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